Ideas and additions for the editor

This is just a small list of things that I would like to see added into the Babylon.js editor.

  1. Camera physics property apply gravity - the property check collisions is there, but not apply gravity.
  2. Import from onedrive - The project save thing saves to onedrive, but when importing it goes to the local file system.
  3. Save to google drive - I have a chromebook (or, my school gives everyone a chromebook) and the local filesystem is basically just google drive. Saving to google drive would eliminate the need to import from onedrive, or both would be nice.

I’ll add more, or reply what you’d like to see.

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Pinging @julien-moreau

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Hey @Givo
Thanks for these feedbacks/requests, always a pleasure to help and add new features :slight_smile:

I’ll fix the camera properties ASAP. Then, will work on the google drive support. The OneDrive support needs a fix as well so it’ll be the occasion :slight_smile:

Oh, the OneDrive is broken? I noticed that “save as” doesn’t allow the creation of folders, so that’s a bug?

Not really, that’s more a missing feature ^^
Initially, the one drive support was just added to allow saving single .editorproject files. Then the editor evolved to a native app and the one drive storage was not used anymore.

Oh. That makes sense