Idle time when loading a babylon application?

I am not a Babylon developer so please excuse me if I say something stupid.

I have an application that has a huge gap in loading times (6-7 seconds) which is killing the usability a bit. I was wondering if you maybe know more about why this is happening and how can we remove that? Is there a way to?


Hello and welcome!

Without a crystal ball it is impossible to say what is the problem with only your screen.

You need to provide a repro case somewhere so we can have a look

It is like: hey fix my computer please. Here is a photo of its hard drive :smiley:


Thank you!

That is because I was under the impression this idle time is common for all Babylon (and webgl) based apps and was hoping it will be enough.
Unfortunately, things are never that simple I suppose :smiley:

Will a link to the application suffice? I might be able to create a dummy app to show the issue in action, but I don’t think I’m allowed to share the source code files…

A dummy app would be perfect!