If gui layer more than 1 first button hover cursor not working why?

Hello everyone ; i m workin on my new project and i need 5 different gui layer;
i tried many options for that but not working, and tried on pg pls help for that :slight_smile:


Sorry I don’t understand what exactly you’re trying to achieve, what the issue is.

Your PG seems to show 5 different, independent GUI layers working just fine.

Oh I see now. Hover pointer only working on the last GUI.

Look button 1,2,3,4 hover cursor not a pointer , only button 5 hover cursor pointer :slight_smile: thank you for reply

Ohh i see in documentation now :frowning:

Please note that only one fullscreen mode GUI is allowed per scene

i solved; purge layers and control with isvisible function :slight_smile:

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