If pasted playground link,topic will 500 error

@RaananW Because you pasted playground link,my topic get the 500 error code

yeah, there seems to be something wrong with this specific playground! Very very interesting

Anyhow, without pasting the link. So, without pasting the link again, what seems to be the problem?

#Q1VRX3#12 You can use this tag to open the playground

When i set orientation as landscape,the orientationchage listener will not callback,so i can see the 3d world rotation 90°

That is because you are not in mobile mode in your browser.
If you enable mobile mode you can trigger the orientation changed event:

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Landscape right or portrait upside down, enable mobile mode i can’t trigger the orientation changed event

You need to click the button in the view section, not your sensors:


This way only use for landscape left ,landscape right is unuseful.
I have been clicked this button,In landscape left mode is ok,but landscape right screen will rotation 180° as this screenshot

Have you tried it on a real device?
Setting the orientation on the emulator sends no event. this is just for you to be able to get the right values. It also doesn’t send any event that it changed, so you have to actually made a change in order to get it to work.

Please check with a real device. If it doesn’t work please let us know, and if it does, it is a chrome dev tools issue

I use puppeteer to cloud render.I use chrome dev tools to tabcapture the screen,and push to mobile phone or other Pc browser.I know landscape mode work on a real device.

We cannot fix something that is essentially working correctly… Or am I misunderstanding something here?

You can get the orientation and trigger the events yourself, instead of using the events triggered by the browser. Especially on a headless browser running on your server.

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