IFC.js integration: Porting a THREE.js wrapper to Babylon.js

If I may interest anyone in integrating Babylon.js with IFC.js, that would be amazing.

IFC.js provides a way to view IFCs in the browser, making it possible to create apps that interact with models (architectural, engineering) typically used for design and project coordination in the AEC industry.

IFC.js is built as a THREE.js wrapper on Web ifc which is a WASM-based ifc parser & geometry generator. A Babylon.js wrapper is also clearly within reach and it appears from my limited understanding that the last portion of the code here is what needs to be porter to Babylon.js. This will have to deal with converting from how Three.js deals with bufferGeometry, vertexData and placed Geometry, to how Babylon.js handles custom meshes.

Any help will be appreciated.


Here’s my attempt at building a Babylon.js wrapper for IFC.js: GitHub - anders-lundgren/web-ifc-babylon
Feel free to try it and let me know what you think!


Great to have this @anderslu, would love to experiment with it.

Love it! I would love the following features: Moving the view with mouse like normal game mode.

Edit: Just hold the mouse key down, got it m8!

How can I start using this? Can I upload the model to lats say Dropbox, and emped to my web page? Very interesting!