IgnoreParent Setting for Physics Imposters not working in the latest build

Hi all,

Im tiring to import a scene from a glb file and add a physics system for collisions…
My GLB has a lot of parent TransfromNodes with Different Mesh inside. I have tried adding only physics imposters to the meshes, and w&w/o parenting them to a global system physics imposter.

I found this PG that seems to have solved my issue… But the only issue: It only works in 4.2.0 but not on 5.0.0.A.48, also im using A.48

I tried the same PG on my local server and all the physics seemed to stop working for a 1 change to
1 object’s parameter: IgnoreParent=true/false. Well the physics technically still worked… My character was falling, and fell through the floor plane that I had placed for my testing (this floor actually worked during all my testing, since it was just a ground object, with a physics box impost)

In the PG there is a “ny” error if you reload the PG to 5.0.0… ***This error only shows when you reload the playground Version. Once I think also…

Is IgnoreParent getting phased out? Or is this a known bug?

Please let me know if this can be fixed!
Currently the walls in my scene are purely for decoration :frowning: . And it looking like it’ll be that…

PG that I made that shows the 5.0.A.48 issue but works in 4.2 : https://playground.babylonjs.com/#WKWWSC#3

Original Thread: Physics and TransformNode parent
Original PG: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#WKWWSC#1

Adding @RaananW and @Cedric our physx GURUs


I’m taking a look.


And the PR: