IkController's work does not meet expectations

I’m using IKController to controller my vrm modal. in playground( babylon-vrm-loader | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)), I create two sphere, one is targetMesh, one is poleTarget. when invoke setRightArmIK, it work well —— right fore arm at correct position as expected. and change targetMesh’s xyz axis will lead right fore arm change synchronously.

but when i invoke setLeftArmIk,I change targetMesh and polyMesh’s x to opposite. IKController not work as expected. I want left foce arm is symmetrical with right force arm when I invke setRightArmIK. and when I move targetMesh’s xyz axis, it work as expected.

is the question of vrm modal? I change bendAxis param,It change the left fore arm’s position. but not as expected. what should I do?

cc @sebavan in case he has any ideas, but IK is an external contribution and, as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t a clue what the code does!

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Let s add @adam who added the controller to Babylon to see if he has an idea?

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