Image Import and drag , scale and rotate

I need to import and image when click a button. After import able to rotate , scale and drag the imported image when click on the image and when click outside of the image these controls should be removed…after that when i drag the image to the wall the image need to snap drop to the wall in the scene … Is it possible to do that @Cedric

If you talk about image as plain, you can add mesh controls via MeshBehaviors Mesh Behaviors | Babylon.js Documentation

You have the gizmos (Gizmos | Babylon.js Documentation) if you want to rotate/move/scale a mesh, but we don’t have the same thing for a picture only. You would need to texture a plane with your picture and use the gizmo to modify the plane instead.

What @Evgeni_Popov said
You have the planeRotation and with 2 axisDragGizmo, it’s possible to translate and rotate a plane mesh that appears as 2D.

I have created babylon js project and i would like to add a new feature that is the user can import an image and after import user can able to scale , drag and rotate the image and after that user is able place anywhere on the scene… so when user place it and click outside of the image the image scale control need to disappear and when click on the image the controller need to display… is it possible @Cedric

Yes. Check the Mesh picking functionality

and Mesh behaviors