Attempting to Animate a single imported mesh, hover and Rotation animation


I’m new to coding and i’m especially new to this awesome thing that is BabylonJs…

I’ve been scrolling through thousands of lines of example code and documentation but still have not managed to achieve the following:

I am trying to create a hover and rotation animation for a single (static, does not have any previous animation) mesh imported into a Babylon scene.
To make this look good for many different models i am also aiming to have auto-framing so that camera will be centered for any sized mesh.

I have managed to make one version with the Auto rotate camera feature ,and have set my own speed as well, but it does not hover/bounce as i want. I have tried many different ways to animate the bounce/hover as i need but it’s not working out for me.

I am currently using either .glb or .gltf model format, but i can change to any other format if required.

Thanks in advance for any help received,

Hello and welcome!!

The best option to get help is to provide a repro of what you currently have using our

You can jsut simualte your mesh with a box so we will be able to see what you are trying to do :wink: