Import gltl with a mixamo animation and try to active animation on pointer down

I’m following The Pirate fort example (, I imported a gltl with a Mixamo animation and try to active animation on pointer down, but it seems like the animation has lost the anchor point or the origin center, or something ?

Let the playground here : Playground dancer.

I’m very new to Babylon , so thanks in advance!


cc @PirateJC

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I would recommend simplifying the PG a bit so we only have one dancer for instance (to remove unnecessary code regarding your issue)

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Thanks so much. i update the link to PG and commented the part of cloning meshes and animations, so you can see at first the original and uncomment to see the result, and I let just 2 clones for simplest understanding. And, if you don’t mode the camera and just click can see where meshes go.
Thanks :slight_smile: