Imported mesh operating troubles

Hi everyone!
Can anyone explain what im doing wrong? My imported (or appended, nwm) models cant be operated through scene.meshes[i] or any other way. What is wrong? Example: Babylon.js Playground

Hey there, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: The model is loaded with a rotationQuaternion, which causes the rotation vector to be ignored. But once the rotationQuaternion is set to null then the rotation vector can be animated like below.

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Careful with this. Nulling out the rotationQuaternion will also remove the original rotation that was set on the loaded model. Perhaps using addRotation would be a more generic solution.


Also another option is to call toEulerAngles on the rotationQuaternion before nulling it, if you just want to use the rotation vector. :slight_smile:

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