Imported mesh with lod and pointer drag behavior

Hi, I’m trying to set up LOD on an imported mesh skull. I also add a pointer drag behaviour once the mesh has been successfully imported.
Then I add a Knot which should be an added level of detail for the loaded mesh.

The problem.

  • Both the knot and skull are being displayed simultaneously irrespective of mesh distance from the screen
  • The knot does not inherit the behaviour of the skull

How can I fix this? Thanks

There were a bunch of lines missing references on the onSuccess callback: fff | Babylon.js Playground (

I think it should have displayed errors on the console for these, I’ll take a look to see if this part is a bug.

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Hi @carolhmj Thanks for the update.

I adapted it a bit to use two imported meshes, and not the knot. The problem now is they both still display (both the main mesh and its LOD at the same time).

I cracked some of the mystery and @RaananW cracked the rest, firstly, the first element of the meshes array is an empty element (this comes from the GLTF file itself), so you have to add meshes[1] instead, and secondly, the meshes have to be the same dimensions!
fff | Babylon.js Playground (

(By the way, LOVE your username, Ancient Mesopotamia history is so cool.)


Thanks for cracking it.
I chose the name to honour BabylonJS :grin: