Imported object as Physics SphereImpostor

Hello, when I import my own 3D sphere object and try to apply Physics SphereImpostor, the simulation does not work. But when I use balls created directly in Babylon.js, as in the examples on the playground - it works. Where can the problem be?

Error: “abort(OOM). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.”
at abort (
at abortOnCannotGrowMemory (
at _emscripten_resize_heap (
at _o (
at Zb (
at Tc (
at Ue (
at Ax (
at btBvhTriangleMeshShape (
at e._createShape (
at e.generatePhysicsBody (
at e.addImpostor (
at e._init (
at e (

Adding @Cedric our Ammo king.

Not sure why exactly that wouldn’t work. Do you have a playground you can point us to to help troubleshoot?

You could also try the mesh imposter and see if that works?

Hi @Johny_Mickey

It looks like Ammojs crashes when building the acceleration structure for a triangle mesh. Are you sure you set the impostor to be a sphere? Also, how many triangles do you have in your sphere?