Importing Babylon classes seperatly causes incompatible types

To take advantage of tree shaking I started to import every class I use seperatly.
import { Scene, Engine, ArcRotateCamera, HemisphericLight, StandardMaterial,Material, Vector3, Color3, Color4, Mesh, AbstractMesh, PointerEventTypes, DynamicTexture } from 'babylonjs';

before I imported it like

import * as BABYLON from 'babylonjs';

After changing this line I removed every “BABYLON” before any babylon class.
The code still works, but my IDE is complaining following things:

Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State
Error	TS2322	(TS) Type 'StandardMaterial' is not assignable to type 'Material'.
  Types of property 'customShaderNameResolve' are incompatible.
    Type '(shaderName: string, uniforms: string[], uniformBuffers: string[], samplers: string[], defines: string[] | import("babylonjs/Materials/materialDefines").MaterialDefines, attributes?: string[], options?: import("babylonjs/Materials/material").ICustomShaderNameResolveOptions) => string' is not assignable to type '(shaderName: string, uniforms: string[], uniformBuffers: string[], samplers: string[], defines: string[] | BABYLON.MaterialDefines, attributes?: string[], options?: BABYLON.ICustomShaderNameResolveOptions) => string'.
      Types of parameters 'defines' and 'defines' are incompatible.
        Type 'string[] | BABYLON.MaterialDefines' is not assignable to type 'string[] | import("babylonjs/Materials/materialDefines").MaterialDefines'.
          Type 'MaterialDefines' is not assignable to type 'string[] | MaterialDefines'.
            Type 'MaterialDefines' is missing the following properties from type 'string[]': length, pop, push, concat, and 25 more.

In this particular example I try to assign the material of a mesh to a pre defined material.

mesh.material = myMaterial:

myMaterial is type of StandardMaterial
mesh.material is of type Material

myMaterial is of type StandardMaterial.

The code works in the browser without problems, but my IDE (Visual Studio 2019) im complaining.

pinging @sebavan

This can only work with our es6 packages e.g. @babylonjs/core and not the former babylonjs.

I can see your imports on babylonjs and not @babylonjs/core in the error.

ES6 - Babylon.js Documentation migh help.

When importing babylonjs/core I get a prompt for GitHub Login, which I dont’t have. Is a GitHub Account required?

nope it is all public on npm: @babylonjs/core - npm