Importing meshes does not require bind to scene

Can we import mesh as an object but do not bind to scene?If we need it,we can do something like call meshObj.appendToScene(scene)

hi @Aze - welcome to the community!!! :smile: :tada: That is a big ask from me too, but at loader level. Can you get around that with asset containers?
Asset Containers | Babylon.js Documentation (

@brianzinn Thanks for your answer.
Assets container does not meet my needs.In some cases,i will preload some resources to speed up scene loading.Then,i will change the scene instance,but i don’t want to reload the resources that i had loaded.
I just want the mesh obj that can append to different scene.Organizational structures are less free now.

Maybe you can explain more your scenario - what you are trying to preload and want to apply to different scenes. If they are textures/geometry/models/etc.

The comment in this thread from JCPalmer may be helpful:
Feature request: add model loading stage - Questions - Babylon.js (

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I’m sorry for my late reply.It’s been too busy.
The idea that the comment said is similar to mine.I want to preload the mesh then append them to every scene i need.For example,i have two engines and two scenes.I preload the mesh that preprocess by babylon and then i can synchronously append it to these scenes.It can saving time to create scene,but do not need to fetch the mesh file.
My english is poor,sorry for that.

I don’t think that is easily possible.

Once a Model is loaded it is attached to the scene and the AssetContainer is just a way to stash things for a scene. I believe it is not cross-engine and what you are asking is not possible. On the one hand the browser should cache assets, but for pre-loading and saving actual assets then I think the loaders would need another stage or work like they do in three.js.

@sebavan is there a solution here?

It won t be possible accross engines as gl context can not be shared, the only thing possible is to prefectch the network calls.

yes, network prefetch works for single file models/asset. I don’t have a full solution either, since there is no place to capture the entire model and assets before it goes to scene on multi-file.