ImportMesh of undefined from undefined

Hello guys,

I’m have some trouble with my project.
I have this error when I try to show the model on the browser:

“BJS - [14:14:40]: Unable to import meshes from Models/D4-LB-205007-CC.0043180_H.babylon: importMesh of undefined from undefined version: undefined, exporter version: undefinedimportMesh has failed JSON parse”

Help me please :3


we will need more info :wink: Can you check the network monitor for 404?

Hello Deltakosh,

Here is some more information:

Could you share a repro in the playground ? or share your model with us ? so that we can try to repro

Hello sebavan,

Here is the model link:

The problems was in the .fbx that I use.

Thank you guys to the attention.


Hi Pedro. I’m getting a similar error when trying BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load with a very large .babylon file.Could you describe the problem that was in your .fbx file? I’m wondering if my .fbx has the same issue. Also, not sure if commenting on a marked solution is not cool. This is my first post.

Hi @Oliver_D - it’s not a problem to comment on that, but you will probably get more attention if you start a new discussion and provide a bit more information about your problem - maybe the .babylon file that you are trying to load, a reproduction on the playground, or a general explanation to your setup.
This discussion was closed in February, I am not sure whether or not @Pedro_Rocha enters the forum so frequently.