Improvement for PG: no bounce on iOS Safari

I am left off with an iPad these days and I’ve noticed that the iOS bounce scrolling behaviour was not cancelled in the playground and this makes it uneasy to scroll up & down in the code as it will always bounce.

Sadly, this behaviour is often left out in 3D scenes on the web, which makes their viewing on iOS quite less enjoyable.

I have used a mini-library called iNoBounce to resolve this in my past project with no problems. The author of the lib explains his solution in the readme:

All you need is an element with height or max-height , overflow: auto and -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch .

It would be nice to be able to browse the examples of the PG on my iPad :smile:

Loooks like a nice trick !!!

Adding @RaananW who is amazing with css and the playground :wink:

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Thanks! great suggestion :slight_smile:

Want to add that as an issue on our github? I will look into that the next time I am working on the playground


The question is: How long until crapple patches this workaround to preserve the necessity of the app store and undermine open web.

It’s all good now! Thank you for the fix!