Zero touch response on ipad 7 2019 (I did all the known solutions)

Hey Guys

Im so close but sadly hit another bump in the road. There are no more load issues or webgl issues across windows or mac or ios , which is great but sadly there is zero touch response on the canvas in safari on ipad 7 lat 2019 model.

I did my homework before coming in here to badger you all. I have pep script , im loading it , Ive tried loading before and after babylon , I have the touch-action=“none” as an attribute on the canvas element , in the css as well. After seaching around , I saw some say to put it on the body tag , or html tag … I tried that as well. nothing works.

Thankfully you dont need a site link or a custom playground… you can simply load up the default playground scene and you will see there is no response to touch.

dam safari…

edit : here is a video showing the default playground scene is totally un resonsive to touch :slight_smile:

The default pg is ok for me on ios iphone 8… so weird it is not ok on ipad 7 :frowning: Could you share the user agent ? just so I could try to see how we handle it :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure we broke it fixing the mouse for macos Safari …

Could you also let me if the alert box is saying mouse or pointer on this:

Thanks a lot

it says mouse

Ok so that is the issue here but now could you share you userAgent ? as we compute the value from this ?

I ll then go on fix it :wink:

im ashamed i dont know where to get that on an ipad?? dont laugh , im a i device noob

im googling and see it is in the request header , i know how to see that using chrome dev tools on desktop but dont know how to get it on this device and browser

Ok np, we ll proceed differently what is the alert displaying for ?

false true

Ok narrowing it down,

this might take another go and back but we are getting pretty close :slight_smile:

no worries , im very thankful for the help , this one says :slight_smile:

true false

Last one and I should be able to try a fix tonight :slight_smile:

thanks a million , here it is :

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/13.0.3 Safari/605.1.15

chat soon

Whattttttttttt ??? you do not have iPad into it that is why we are then all thinking it is mac Safari … This browser gives me goose bump…

Anybody else on the forum with an iPad to confirm ???

this is the value from accessing the link on my ipad … apple safari seems to be the new IE6 for 2020 lol

yup looks like what they described here… Apple Lying About "User Agent" in iPad Pro - Blocking PWAs

I ll need to work on smthg different then. I ll do that tomorrow, thanks for reporting the issue.

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all good, thanks agin and good luck! I hope you get it sorted without to much PITA… although im sure it is all that already

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@shaderbytes I need your help again :frowning: could you confirm what you see on this one :

I might have the right trick to fix it, just trying to confirm.

hey there , it says :