In the Documents the Frame Version of Playgrounds No Longer Works

Click on the ‘eye’ icon after any PG link and it no longer opens the PG.

Maybe it has been corrected, as it does work here: Shadows with Cascaded Shadow Maps - Babylon.js Documentation

Problem seems more selective that I thought it could be. The eye work on the ones in the page you link to.

The ones on these pages do not work for me.

At a first guess it is all the PG links that are bullet pointed, which are the vast majority. There seems to have been an update that now prevents them working in this case.


The only change I can find is commit Fix #1860 · BabylonJS/Documentation@cd18809 · GitHub in which @Deltakosh removes


from the code below

    var iframeWithLink = '<a href="$1">$8</a> - <i class="fa fa-eye" onclick="createIframe(\'$3\', this)"></i><br/>' +
    '<div class="iframeContainer"></div><br/>';

Don’t know if this would do it.

It’s indeed this change that broke it, because in createIframe the code looks for $(link).next().next() to find the sibling with the iframeContainer class, but because of the change it should be $(link).next().

Going to do a PR for that.

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