In the transparency effect, how can the model of the back side be completely invisible in the node material

The effect is as follows: there is a small icon in the node material that can not see the back model, but it is not feasible to use it in the project. I can’t find other relevant functions about hiding the back. If so, can you guide me? I haven’t found many related functions. I hope they can help me.


I believe this is what you are looking for: Transparent Rendering | Babylon.js Documentation (

Thank you for your help. I see that this code should play a role. Can this also be used for the node material?

I see alpha blend, but is this the function of standard material? How to use these functions on the node material?

The PBR node of the node material has options for the functions of alpha blend. However, the PBR is too complex. I don’t want to use the PBR node. Besides using the PBR node, can you add other functions to us?

alphaMode and needDepthPrePass are available on all materials not only Standard or PBR.