Incompatibility with iPad

I’m here to understand a situation that happened when opening a Babylon solution, we’ve tested on MacOS and iOS and it was working fine, we manage to decrease the size of the assets imported to the placeholders, because they were too heavy for the iPhone to load, and with that decrease, it works fine. However, same doesn’t happen when opening the playground on an iPad, our solution is composed with a React loading screen section, and the other key component of the Babylon environment. I want to understand if there’s any incompatibility with the iPadOS or if there’s any solution to fix this issue

Do you happen to have a repro ? also more info about the ipad and ios version ?

A repro will be hard to provide due to corporate confidentiality, but what I can provide is the error appearing when connecting on the url of the playground, when connecting to one our projects, the ipad sends an error “Unable to create uniform buffer”. I believe that the person who’s testing on the iPad has the latest ios 17 version installed, but we tested on iPadOS 17.4.1 still has this issue.