IPad retina running iOS 12.5.7

I tried to test my babylonjs project on my iPad which is the first one with the “retina” display, but found that it is not loading at all. It runs iOS 12.5.7 and cannot be updated to a newer one. I tried the following browsers (always the newest available version): Safari, Opera, Chrome, Aloha. The effect is always the same: a blank screen. Unfortunately I have no idea how to show even the JavaScript console in any of them, and I do not have a Mac to connect to them.
The same applies, if I go to Playground. Interestingly Forum shows a message claiming the browser would not be suitable and it recommends Chrome, even though I am running chrome. Well.
So I thought this may be a general operation system issue with not supporting WebGL, but then I tried some Three.js examples and they run smoothly without trouble.
Any ideas how to make BabylonJS run on such an older system, or how to find out where the hickup happens?

Apple Apple :slightly_frowning_face: @Cedric and @RaananW have a mac so they might have some idea?
Alternatively with some googling I found this Debug a Website in iOS Safari on Windows 10 - Washam Development solution for debugging, might be worth a try?

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IIRC chrome, opera,… will give the same result as Safari as they all use the same engine under the hood.

I have no idea on how to detect the missing bits or to know what’s going wrong without a mac
Maybe @Evgeni_Popov knows more ?

Unfortunately not, I have the latest version of iOS on my iPhone.

However, using @carolhmj’s link should help debug the case, if messages are generated in the console log.

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I saw this problem now more consistently also with older models of an iPhone.