Where do i find on github the js code for playground #KBS915#78

I want to send an issue or maybe pull request for an playground js example
( https://playground.babylonjs.com/#KBS9I5#78 ) that i found linked from the tutorial
Getting started - chapter 2 - copying meshes

While i found the tutorial page itself on github ( Documentation/copies.md at 8a3fbfc4cba6f1545880d6fa6293bc8d8b1b7c23 · BabylonJS/Documentation · GitHub ) i can not on github the linked playground js example #KBS915#78.

Where are the playground examples to be found ? Are the playground examples on Github?

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Playgrounds are not located on github, but on the, well, playground :slight_smile:

If there is an issue, fix it, save the playground, and change the link in the documentation playground -
Documentation/content at master · BabylonJS/Documentation (github.com)

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Interested to know what the issues is?


my issue is that on the playground example #KBS915#78 (linked from Getting started - chapter 2 - copying meshes) and in the following playground examples,
2 house objects are defined and then a list with several houses is iterated over (to change the position and orientation of each house).
I noticed when playing with the inspector that 2 houses (the first 2 ones in the loop) exist twice, because they are defined already outside the loop and then again in the loop. It means that in two cases, an identical house is “inside” an house, with same orientation and position. if you move/rotate it a bit you can see it, otherwise not.
I wanted to improve this playground example so that no houses are stuck inside other houses.

Nothing major then just some tidying up. You are very welcome to follow through as Ranann suggested.