Insert html into GUI

I’ve got git playground with GUI example Do I can somehow add html element to this pop-up?
I use angular material UI library and want to add switch for meters to feet. This screenshot is from my application

image this is what I would like to have in one of the pop-up’s. In the one in the middle.

Thanks, Symlis

A radio button is available in the GUI Use the Babylon GUI - Babylon.js Documentation

Hello @JohnK, I knew that. I am just wondering If I can combine my own html+css with BJS GUI.
e.q. Making rectangle from 1st image looks like this (this is in .ts file in Angular):
image img 3

I would like to:

  1. make something in html (e.q. previously mentioned toggle, or even this rectangle, text and line)
  2. add some styles in scss file to it
  3. put it all in GUI element

to avoid creating element like in img 3

Unfortunately this is not possible.

It’s a pitty, thanks for fast reply