Insert/Rotate an ImportedMesh(glb) file within another PG

Hey all!!

Want to combine these 2 PGs:

Been wrecking my brain on how to combine. When I do the box turns into a GUI button with a tiny heart inside. Tried using dynamic texture for wording and it wouldn’t load. Also when it comes to the heart mesh on its own tried to rotate the y axis so it moves clockwise and it doesnt work.

Working with a glb.file isnt as easy as just working with a simple mesh builder…well for me anyway :joy:.

I appreciate the help…Thank ya!!

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Here is a merge:

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Thank ya so very much Sir @Deltakosh :heart:

I actually gave up on using the glb file and just added a sphere mesh with a texture. I posted about it in the Demos section under “Mujal-Mental Wellness Site” :slightly_smiling_face:

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