Inspector and Sandox bugs. Why you not using a Sentry-like error tracker?

I’ve created a several topics for last weeks with errors in the Sandbox and Inspector as well. So my question is why you don’t use Sentry or something like this?
I have some experience to work with Sentry on public tools, and it was very helpful to catch error as early as it throws with a lot of information about context.

It is a good suggestion, I’ll cc @RaananW to take a look :slight_smile: We’re not a big team and we have a lot of features to work on so we always have to balance the priorities :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, probably this information will be helpful:

  1. Free plan (with 10 000 errors in a mo.) should be enought to start, especially with custom filtering error events.
  2. For common libraries as Angular, React or Vue the Sentry contain a short plan how to use it, and setup takes around 10-30 minutes per project. Here, in BabylonJS, with custom building it may take up to several hours, or even 2 days, I think.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:
We are always improving, and always looking for ways to make sure we deliver the best code available. I know Sentry, and have seen it work. I doubt the starter-package will do any good for us, and this is part of the reasons why I never thought it was a good idea to work on the integration. They don’t have any open source license, but it would be nice to ask them if they do support OS frameworks somehow.

Will take time, for sure :slight_smile: This requires integration, and integration takes time, and time is the one thing we are all lacking

They also has a standalone version without any limit and pricing, if you can create own server or found some space for docker image with Sentry :wink:

Agree =(

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