Intended Usage Of the NME Export Shaders Button

Hey Guys,

Whats up with the export shaders button in node material editor ?

Is that supposed to export fully functional glsl code that we simply use as the vertex and fragment shader code for a BABYLON.ShaderMaterial ???

Yo @Evgeni_Popov or @sebavan or @Deltakosh

Can you help explain to me the shaders.txt and code.txt… Is that to make a shader material ?

The “Generate code” allows you to get the js code that can recreate the shader by instantiating programmatically the NME blocks. That way, you don’t depend on an external .json file.

The “Export shaders” is another beast. I think it’s more for educational purpose as it can be quite hard to use in your own program (depending on which functionalities you are using in the node shader). See for eg:

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Got it… Thanks @Evgeni_Popov