Shader from blender to babylon

Hello guys.

I am trying to start using shader material, but i am having hard time to understand nme.babylon
i am using blender shader builder instead.
is there a way that i can export the shader from blender and use it in babylon.
or is there any software that create shader’s and export them as a code or something to use it in babylon.

Hello! Blender has its own format, so it’s not possible. But you can use any GLSL language shader :slight_smile: both with ShaderMaterial Shaders | Babylon.js Documentation (, and NME Custom Blocks.

However, I’d like to know what did you find hard to understand in NME, as we want to make that tool as easy as possible! Can you tell us?


I am finding it hard to learn or understand because when I open the nme, it has a lot of nodes and components and connections that are alien,
like I don’t know what connects to what, and what they do.
I would find it very helpful if you guys can make a video tutorial to explain the logic behind it for every node and the connection between them, maybe make documentation explaining every node like the Babylon documentation.
and we would really appreciate if you guys can make a roadmap to learning the editor.

Thank you.

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We do have quite a few videos on our youtube channel about node materials: Babylon js - YouTube and a section on our docs about Node Materials: Node Material | Babylon.js Documentation ( I’ll tag @PirateJC about the roadmap as that’s a nice idea, and I wonder too if we should add a link on the NME page that goes to the video/docs to make it more discoverable :slight_smile: