Intersect and subtract of 2 overlapped ExtrudePolygon

Hello evryone,
i have a problem aboout 2 overlapped ExtrudedPolygon when i interset or subtract with another ExtrudeShapeCustom

I know from another post that in some case for ExtrudedPolygon is necessary to do the inverse of array but i don t know why so i ve tried different solutions

There are these 3 PG for report my problem:

Thank you in adcance

Maybe someone can help you on that matter (I know @JohnK is a master of parametric shapes) but in any case you should really try to show up your problem with smaller PGs because such big PGs could discourage some people.

From Creating Parametric Meshes | Babylon.js Documentation see

All vectors for shape and holes are Vector3 and should be in the XoZ plane, ie of the form BABYLON.Vector3(x, 0, z) and in counter clockwise order.

If your array happens to be in clockwise order reversing it puts it in counter clockwise order.

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I’ ve simplified all in this task

Thank you