Introducing a Shader/Particle Library, and Shaders in Frame!

We brought Shaders into Frame! Totally epic, but just as exciting is we launched an open repository of Shaders and Particles systems that can easily be brought into Frame…or any Babylon.js project! We call it the Frame Library, and the idea is to really curate some great stuff so that people have some great shaders to remix, and hopefully give back to the community if they feel so inclined.
We’ll be uploading plenty of stuff here continuously, and some intrepid Frame users have already started uploading some cool particle systems. :slight_smile:

Video Introducing Shaders in Frame and the Frame Library: Frame: Introducing Shaders and the Frame Library - YouTube
Frame Library:
Create your own Frame:


That is massive! I love it and NME as guest star is even better :smiley:
Funnily I’m having some updates for NME right at the same time :smiley:


highly cool “remix” collaboration!! Thanks for sharing - some of those NMEs are big :jigsaw:

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