NME Shader Showcase + Shader Competition

Hi everyone!

We are launching a fun, casual Shader Creation competition so that we can enlist all of your help decorating the babylon-built metaverse environment we use for the Babylon Monthly Meetups! (btw the next one is November 15 and you can add it to your calendar here)

For those who want to explore some of the current entries or other shaders in our NME library (many of which we’ve found on the forums, but many of which we’ve created ourselves), we made a little shader showcase here. https://framevr.io/shader-showcase

Winner gets a massive free subscription to Frame (fun babylon-built metaverse that lets you support 200 users at once and where you can upload your own models, shaders, particles, and more), and also a spot on an upcoming Babylon Chronicles podcast where you can talk all things babylon, shaders, NME, etc!

Looking forward to seeing what you submit! You can either post your snippets here in the thread or submit them at the top of https://library.framevr.io