Node Material: Vertex Shader Fun

In this week’s video, we get to dive into the vertex shader. Using some basic trig and a little bit of fun, I’m back again to show you how add waves to your shader.

Also we’re excited to show you the standalone version of the Node Material Editor. Just like the playground, this version of the NME allows you to generate unique URLs for your shader creations, making it easy to share, collaborate, and troubleshoot with the community!

Can’t wait to see your creations!

Follow along with a fresh N.M.E here:

Finished N.M.E: Babylon.js Node Material Editor

Desmos Graphing Calculator: Sine Wave


Hey, the finished example is not working

@PirateJC, was it an old link ? I know there were some recent changes else it would be a @Deltakosh mission for next week (long week end in the US).

Hey @MarianG,

Great catch! We’ve definitely got a bug there.

If you load the fresh NME:, and then add the unique hash: /#QPRJU9 to the end it seems to work OK.

But hitting the url directly definitely seems broken. We’ll jump on that! Thanks for the heads up!

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Bug fixed! The link is working now :wink:


Wow, a fine video tutorial… thx pjc! You’re definitely “The Billy Mays of Babylonia”. :wink: Super!

No offense, but, we DO miss the French guy that did these NME videos, in the past. I hope you were able to find him another job… in the org. :slight_smile:

Ahh, comedy is SO dangerous, eh? hah. No, but really… this NME is looking/driving REAL nice. What a fun tool/toy.

But now, what the heck did we just see happen? A material, moving the vertices of a mesh? And no “geometryShader” needed? (whatever THAT is) But the vertices weren’t REALLY moving, were they? The GPU “rendering pipeline” was FOOLED into thinking the vertices were moving, yes?

Magic! Vertex shader… yuh yuh yuh. Once scary, but slowly becoming friendlier… thanks to NME and these videos. Nice work.


Well done!!!
Now is the time to practice :yum:, more important than any video.
Cheers :beers:

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Zero offense taken! We all miss the French guy! Don’t worry he’ll be back soon!

On the vertex shader topic…I’m by no means an expert here, BUT in this case I believe the vertex shader IS actually moving the verts. Unlike a geometry shader, however, we’re not creating new geometry, but rather simply moving the verts of the existing geometry. At least that’s my understanding of how it works.