Introducing FileMaker Developers to 3D and Babylon JS

This week I’m attending a FileMaker Developer conference called Pause on Error. Yesterday I gave a presentation called “Interactive 3D Graphics for FileMaker Developers” to showcase how we can use Babylon JS in a web viewer in our databases and projects. It went really well and around 20 people got their first taste of working with 3D. It was awesome to spark some excitement in others. Most of the folks who attended had never worked with 3D before.

I made a demo reel if you want to see what I shared.

I put togeher a series of demos built into a FileMaker file, but these will work outside of FileMaker as well. You can get the code here and run them using the instructions in the readme files.


Awesome demos! Especially liked the 3D map one :smiley:

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This is great ! thanks for sharing it.

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I just published a written version of the session. It contains a bit more background of 3D on the web, mostly intended for FileMaker devs.

Interactive 3D Graphics for FileMaker Developers - Blog Post Edition