Inverse kinematics (IK) for GLTF models

Hi babylonians,

Just started using BJS and I’m having trouble applying IK to the Xbot GLTF model.

The issue seems to be related to the fact that for GLTF models, bones are driven by TransformNodes, so applying rotations to bones in BoneIKController.update() has no effect.

When logging to console bone rotation after the update, we can check that it effectively happens. This is confirmed by the BoneAxesViewers pointing towards the target.
But as is the case when we are rotating in the Inspector, it is overriden by the ‘linked’ TransformNode.

Another issue, maybe related to the fact that the model is rotated by 90°, is that the BoneAxesViewers are misplaced.

Here is the PG to replicate.

Guess the thread has been dupped to BABYLON.BoneIKController With GLTF Mesh

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