Bone IK Controller not working with glb file imported model

Hi Everyone,

Just started using BJS and I’m having trouble applying IK to the glb file imported model. the model was imported successfully in the scene but while applying bone IK controller for animations in the model , I am unable to get any result but in case of .babylon model it is working successfully.

Is .glb not supported for Bone controllers?
any help or suggestion?

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It is currently not supported for glb files, see this thread about this topic and some ways for adding the support.

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Thank you , I went through the thread but couldn’t find any relevant solution , could you please suggest some ways to apply Inverse Kinematics to a glb model bones with playground example.

As said, it is not currently supported. It seems from the quoted thread above that @MackeyK24 is giving it a go, though.


Okay Thank you , I will also try🙂

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