Is it better to use React with a BabylonJS project?

I’ve worked on some 3D projects that are using React and at times it feels like it hinders progress (well for me, 'cos I’m not really a React dev). So I’m trying to get opinions here on using React for 3D projects. Does it really help that much?

Hi, it really depends on what are you building in 3d

I use 3d with and without react like API, so can give some hints.

It definitely pays of if you need to build UI or some model viewer / configurator as these types of products are heavy dependent on data and need lot information from app, so possibility to update props quickly on coming in data is definitely a big plus.

For more game like APPs, it all depends on type of the game, as its definitely possible to build it with React but sometimes you could get in situation where you use React only to make a Ref and then work outside React life cycle so benefit is not as big as it could be.

If you would like to try out there is react babylon project

It all comes to point what are your requirements and how performance critical your app is

if you have any more specific question, I am glad to share my experience


Another way to say that is, do you want peanut butter in your chocolate, or chocolate in your peanut butter?

If it is a site to sell stuff that has an area to view / examine a model of a product, that is the sweet spot for React driving the bus.

If it is a game where there is only a requirement for user interface at certain times, or WebXR, then having it inside the scene is the best thing.

There’s also many times when it is not quite so clear cut.

Oh forgot, for WebXR there is also something called Layers. This allows display of html tags inside of the 3D immersive mode. Do not know much about it, including whether the content can be dynamically generated, React, nor what you need to do to get it running.

Which also brings to mind that you can to html without using React.