React, Node & Babylon?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working with a developper team who use unity3D for a 3D plateform (booth, chat, video call, livestreaming…) with 3D avatar.

I was thinking with them about a total conversion of this plateform. Basically, we would like to use babylon.js with react (for the ui part, menus etc) and node (with for the “multiplayer” part).

Obviously, we would like to use babylon as our 3D render engine.

The question is pretty simple, is this something possible?

I have seen that babylon can manage the multiplayer parts on his own. But is it possible to use node to do it? Also, which solution would be the best ?

Thanks in advance everyone !

Hello and welcome!

All of that is ENTIRELY possible :wink: You should check the work done by @mackeyK24 with his Unity framework for Babylon Introduction to the Unity Toolkit | Babylon.js Documentation

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Hi, thank you!

Sadly, this is not what i search :frowning: we want to leave the unity3D plateform that we use atm for something build with react / node & babylon. Maybe i didn’t said correctly what i want ^^" (my english is not that good i think haha)

Currently our plateform has an UI & the 3D Part managed by unity. We would like to change everything for a react based app with babylon as our 3D engine. The thing is, we really want to leave unity beacause currently we have a lot of problem with the scalability of our plateform.

I don’t know if this is much clear, i’m sorry if it’s not :confused:

It is clear :slight_smile: and my answer stands, There is absolutely no problem doing so. Actually, quite a lot of projects are done that way

Hi !

Thank you ! Sorry i was busy so i didn’t answer…

Do you eventually know any open source project that are developped in that way?

Also i have a two little question related to babylon :

Currently we have a user interface that allow us to customize our booths directly in the 3D plateform. Is this something possible with babylon? The basic idea is to have the 3D model available with an upload system, when we upload an image, video, gif… It need to be displayed instantly in the preview and then in the plateform after saving our changes.

Also, we have a webpage that allow us to place any 3D objects directly on a specific environment, is this something possible too with babylon?

A lot of projects are developed this way, if you go there:
Babylon.js Demos
Babylon.js and e-commerce

You will see projects done by Target, Wayfair, etc… They are using same ideas and techniques as the ones you plan to use

Perfect ! I will check that asap

Thank you for your time !

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