Is it possible to create engraved texts using the MeshWriter extension?

The MeshWriter extension: Mesh Writer | Babylon.js Documentation

Something like this:

Why would you want to use the mesh writer for this. It takes a lot of resources for something you can achieve simply with a dynamicTexture and parallax occlusion.

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Nice approach, thanks, does this work for PBR materials? And would this work if the text needs to be a different material/color?

Yes, you can set dynamicTexture i.e. as albedoTexture of pbr material and the font color of the text as parameter of drawText()-function.

Example PG:


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Yes. I just extended on @Takemura 's PG regarding the use with parallax occlusion. My update might give you some anwers, but it also raises questions (for me :wink:).
At first, it looks like all you have to do is to assign your dynamicTexture also to the bump. Though (I believe) if you want a proper normal for your bump/parallax you would probably need to clone the draw tex, so you have the correct alpha values for the normal? But then, I found that if you set the alpha for the height of your bump, then I believe it will also remain if you force change the albedoColor afterwards?
Not sure I got it correctly? @Evgeni_Popov is the master for this kind of thing.
Here’s an extended version of @Takemura PG one can play with.