Is it possible to sync up the edge rending in real time?


I’m doing the character stuff thesedays.

I’d like to create an edges of the character using enableEdgesRendering.

However, the edges are fixed with A-pose although the character is moving.

Can I sync the edgeRendering in real time?

Here’s the playground link I made for it.

Thanks in advance.

The transformations due to the skeleton are not available to the edge renderer because they are applied directly in shader code, not on the CPU. Even if they were, it would be too time consuming to regenerate the edges each frame (I tried in your PG and my framerate dropped to 30fps).

You should try a shader-based solution to display the edges. Or the screen space curvature post process could help you:


There is this solution for generating barycentric lines too, which could be used on a CustomMaterial.

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Really appreciate that. Thanks!

But I have a question.

I don’t think there’s no options that I looked for,
is there a way to adjust the thickness of the line that is created using ScreenSpaceCurvaturePostProcess?

Thanks again.

Not really, you can set the intensity of the valleys / ridges by updating the valley and ridge properties, but not make them larger.


Then I’ll have to make my own shader eventually. Thank you for your answer :smile: