Is it possible to use gizmo point as an edge of the polygon and then customize the polygon by moving the gizmo?

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I am trying to build the n-side polygon and I want to use Gizmo Point instead of my simple impact point, to move the gizmo point for editing the polygon, how can I do it? because When I want to use Gizmo then i got an error.

here is my PG:

how can I use gizmo in my polygon instead of my impact points to move them for editing the polygon?

Adding @Cedric.

However, I don’t think Gizmos can be used to modify the geometry of meshes… I’m not sure there’s a visual tool in Babylon that allows to do that.

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Hi @Arash_Bagheri

You can only attach a gizmo to a mesh, a transform node, a bone, etc …
If you want to move a vertex with a bone, then you can create a transient transform node, attach it with a gizmo and set the onDrag behavior to modify your vertex based on the transient transform node position.


Hi @Cedric Thanks a lot for answering to my question. :pray: :pray:

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@Evgeni_Popov Thanks a lot. :pray: