Is mesh already rendered on screen

Hello Masters,
so here is the situation, upon click of a button, i need to load a complex mesh which i import it using AssetsManager, and while the load is in progress, i am displaying some Custom Loading Screen to the user. and when the mesh is loaded , the custom loading screen goes away and the user sees a well positioned mesh with reflections, shadows , animations etc etc… and its all working fine… no problem.

but, when the custom loading screen is withdrawn by the babylon engine and the mesh is displayed. there is a split second where the mesh has not completely rendered / loaded on screen. and the screen kind of loads it and user can see that… how can we make sure the mesh is completely loaded and there is a good user experience…

are you manually controlling the loading screen? (like here: Creating Custom Loading Screens | Babylon.js Documentation (

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yes sir, that is exactly i am following.however it is not manually controlling, the engine is controlling hide/unhide the custom loading screen.

So maybe you can start / hide manually. and you can hide it for instance on scene.executeWhenReady ?