Is there a switch here to turn off CleanUrl?

cc @bghgary

No, I don’t see an option to override this. This code doesn’t seem right to me. We don’t want to blanketly replace # as it could be legitimate. @Deltakosh It looks like you added this a long time ago Blaming Babylon.js/src/Tools/ at 64a56453aa18e8a0f99a5a5b15e60c3024cc37ff · BabylonJS/Babylon.js ( Do you remember why you added this?

No idea! but @woniubushiniu can simply override the function with:

BABYLON.Tools.CleanUrl = function(url) {
    return url;

this is in filetools,cannot be modified

This should fix it and let you override it Fix CleanURL override by sebavan · Pull Request #15056 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

It seems that this way of writing still cannot modify CleanUrl.

It seems that this problem is still not solved in the new version

This should now work, if not, share a playground with the issue.

In the screenshot above, even if I adopt the method you suggested, the URL will still be modified.

There is a slight issue with the last fix. I’ll submit a fix later, but until then, this solution works without making any changes - clearUrlTest | Babylon.js Playground (

Thank you very much

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