Is there a way to access "Room Setup" information/meshes with Meta Quest2 / Babylon?

I tried a three.js powered MixedReality experience launched from the web (Wol - a mixed reality experience for the web from Niantic | Niantic | 8th Wall). After going through the “room setup” process, the app had access to the walls for raycasting

This is a video of what that setup looks like:

@RaananW is there a particular feature that needs to be enabled for this or anything ? I tried doing some digging online and there is very little out there documented about it

I can only assume they are using the bounded-floor reference space (Using bounded reference spaces - Web APIs | MDN). This adds the boundsGeometry array of 3D points with which you can generate geometries, similar to the way the geometries are used when constructing a plane in the ar plane detection. After converting it to a babylon object, you can do whatever you want with it :slight_smile:

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Ooh thank you, I think I was only poking around with local-floor turned on. I will give that a shot :slight_smile:


@RaananW I got some info about this: WebXR Plane Detection Module

pretty neat !

That’s nice! and quite simple to add to our plane detection support! i’ll do that soon :slight_smile:

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