Webxr Room Mesh Access

I know I’m relentless @RaananW , but it seems like Oculus is exposing Room Mesh on the Quest 3 now. Wonder if that could get rolling in Babylon!


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Well, at least we already have depth sensing! :slight_smile:

The next feature I wanted to work on was the webxr mesh detection feature (WebXR Mesh Detection Module). we have it implemented, but currently only for babylon native. I assume this is what he is referring to here?

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That’s the one! Just confirmed the Quest 3 supports “mesh-detection” session feature

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Want to try this - Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com) ? I don’t have (yet) a quest 3 to test with, and it is not (yet) enabled on the quest pro.
It might fail! and I want to know how and why. Thanks!!!

Hi @RaananW , I was able to open up this PG in Quest 3 and there weren’t any errors ( I don’t think!), but I also don’t see any representation of the room mesh. Am I supposed to? Or how could I access the meshes themselves?

Do you have OS version 60 already? I still didn’t get the update…
I was also told that there should be a flag enabled, but i assume it’s the experimental flag that is needed.

The PR should (!!) generate a mesh on your screen, based on the canned room. If everything in expected to be working (OS 60, flag is on) and it doesn’t, something is wrong - either I messed something up, or the extension.

I will have to wait for version 60 to be able to test that.

Working! Link updated in the PR


Really cool @RaananW ! I used your example and I do have a grid appearing like in your photo, but that room mesh seems to be crooked and scaled strangely relative to my actual real world space. Did you have to do anything special to get the generated room mesh with the grid material to map nicely to your real world surroundings?

That’s interesting. No, I haven’t done anything other than using this example. Are you using the playground linked in the PR? Can you share a screenshot or the mesh itself? Would be great to try and reproduce this.