Is there a way to animate scale and rotation without having to bake animation?

I have a scene which when exported without baking animation, it breaks. It only breaks objects that have scale and rotation transformations, is there anyway to use these transformations without baking the animation?

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you did not mention what application you are using to produce your scene? What breaks exactly?

Anyway regardless of the application used , animation baking is doing the same thing. When you animate an object , the application creates a unique data object for that animation. it then stores key frames on that object. At a basic level, the key frames describe what properties to change and at what time to do it.

Every object you animate will have its own animation data like this.

Baking animation means creating a new empty animation object and taking all the key frames from all the targeted objects unique animations and adding them into this one animation.

Now it is possible to just play the one animation and all the objects will animate.

If you did not bake the animation then you would have to call each unique animation object and tell it to play. That is if you want them to play together.

So you only bake animations you want to control as one animation, sometimes you do want individual control of an objects animation, so you would not bake it.

im not sure to what extent babylon/gltf supports multiple unbaked actions, maybe someone who has experience with this can chime in here.

Hey! Thanks for the reply,

So I am using Maya. When I export the scene some animations move around as if they are adhering to different pivots or something like that. It looks like its to do with the transformations, I dont think the babylon exporter seems to work properly when exporting animated objects that have had their transformations frozen?