Is there an AR Example

Hello, I searched for an AR example on the web, but I couldn’t find an AR example with source code. Can you show me an AR example with source codes?

maybe this look like


This is a babylon native application that is not open-source AFAIK. @bghgary - ping just to be sure I am not wrong :slight_smile:

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What is AFAIK?:slight_smile: and ı found a example;
Image Tracking Demo | Babylon.js Playground (

but not working

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AFAIK - As Far As I Know.
Oh, and you asked about this specific demo. Any other demo can be found in our documentation ( or in any other place you find good examples :slight_smile:
This specific demo will only work if you enable the webxr incubation flag in chrome://flags and, of course, print out or display the image for the tracker to work.

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thank you for AFAIK mean:).
It happens in any example :). It can happen in any instance. It just works :). I made the chorome settings as you said but it still doesn’t work

“doesn’t work” is a very abstract term :slight_smile:

What exactly doesn’t work? Do you see the camera but can’t detect the image? are you tracking the right image? what exactly are you trying to achieve? what demo do you want to try?

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You’re right, I should have given details :).

I’m trying this example:


Result F12


Expected result: I should be able to read and print this qr code :).

That’s because you are trying to use an ar session in a desktop browser. The error is right there:

This should be opened in a mobile browser that supports AR (most if not all modern anrdoid devices)

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Shouldn’t I be able to perform this operation through the browser on my computer? It’s like multi-platform!

if you find a desktop browser that supports AR then yes :slight_smile:

Your desktop browser only supports VR scenarios (or none at all, depending on the availability of VR on your OS). I don’t know of any desktop browser that supports AR natively.

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Hi. No way to test AR in browser (only VR with browser addon). You should test in android phone. iOS does not support webXR yet.

AR is a part of WebXR.

Examples from there is enough for create simple AR app.


Thank you for your information.

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The information you have provided is very helpful, thank you.

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