Is there any specific version of Loaders and Serializers for GLTF/GLB only?


In order to be more bandwidth respectful, I wonder if there are at the moment versions of the GLTF/GLB specific Loader and Serializer. I mean, without the code needed for others formats compatible with BJS.

Both were available in earlier versions of the engine (I don’t remember how long ago that was), and in fact the current docs still mention them here and there, but the thing is that I can’t find them in the CDN.

Thanks for your time.

I believe one may create a loader which suits all needs as here SceneLoader | Babylon.js Documentation and here - Create Your Own File Importer | Babylon.js Documentation

@paleRider you can by relying on our ES6 versions tree shake the rest of the loaders/serializers and only import the gltf part.

Hi there, @Sebavan;

I’m not sure what are you suggesting here.

Is that about editing the Loader and Serializer code, namely:


…cutting out the rest of formats and so making my own version managing only the GLTF/GLB one?

Thanks for your time.

I was thinking for you to rely on Babylon.js ES6 support with Tree Shaking | Babylon.js Documentation as it is the only way to be fully in control of your dependencies.

Thanks, @sebavan:

We’re now on the same page.

Thanks for your time and advice.