ES6 gltf loader

Hello !

I’m trying to use the gltf loader to import .glb files. So what’s weird is that my models faces looks reversed and it’s not the case when I just put them on babylon sandbox.
I believe it’s how you configure the gltf loader when importing it but I don’t really know how and what to configure as the documentation don’t explain how to do it when importing es6 modules.

I just did :

import  "@babylonjs/loaders/glTF";

I don’t know what to do next to edit loader properties.
Thanks for helping

This is exactly what I used to get it to work, and it it working correctly.

This could be a different issue. Care to share the model, or maybe show us the load process in the playground so we can help?

Also - check if that is related - GLTF Model (from 3DS exporter) does not generate shadows, faces may be flipped

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