Is there any way to record video during WEBXR-AR session?

I tried with video recorder but it only record screen, I know its kind of difficult to explain, but i want to record video and not and not just canvas screen

What do you mean with “not just canvas screen”? Do you want to record what the user experiencing the sessions sees?

exactly, sorry I am bad at explaining with words, but that’s exactly what I need

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That’s all right! @RaananW is our XR person so let’s ask him :slight_smile:

XR doesn’t support recording the camera input just yet. it is a discussed feature, but has some privacy and security implications. In the meantime you can use a screen recorder on the OS level to record your scene.


i see, look like i have to implement it separately

Current state of secondary views/WebXR recording is exactly about this issue.

yup, thanx for reference, what we are actually looking for is something similar to google model viewer module, it allows to capture pics, as well as video during AR session