Is there any way to shrink(narrow) the camera view?

Hey there!
I’m working on the feature with “Side-by-side” view for 3d monitors and I almost done with it but I also need to shrink the camera view. I attached a screenshot of what I need to do exactly. Is it possible to do it in the same way and in the same time fitting it in the browser window?

Also need to mention that I’m using multiple viewports feature.
Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome!!
You can change the camera fov if this is what you mean?

Uhm not really… I need to squeeze the camera view horizontally or adjust it vertically without affecting the fov.

can the camera viewport be a solution?

I’m already using the viewports, but the problem is when I’m trying to stretch the viewport by the y parameter it’s just making my fov smaller. How can I fit it in window?

Hello just checking in, was your question answered? @noone